Lie For Pleasure?

Please allow me to rant today about liars. People who lie for pleasure…

Can someone please tell me why someone would lie for pleasure? For the most part, if you tell me the truth up front I won’t be as upset about whatever it is you need to say. If you decide to tell me parts of a story, fabricate parts of the story or make up an entire story, I automatically eliminate some of your trust points. Those are points that are definitely not easy to gain back.

Lying seems to be time consuming. If you lie you have to cover up and add on to each lie. This only creates more lies. I don’t see any entertainment in lying just because I don’t want to get caught. If you have to lie about it, you shouldn’t have done it in the first place. One reason you lie is because you don’t want people to know what you do in the dark…… hmmm interesting concept.

If you don’t want people to find out then don’t do it.

On a positive note, I do believe lying is good only when you are trying to surprise someone. That’s the only type of lying that I use and endorse.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


4 thoughts on “Lie For Pleasure?

  1. I think people lie the same reason why some people rob others’ houses or by gunpoint. It’s easier for them to do it that way than to earn their way through life by doing what’s responsible and right. I’m talking about compulsive liars, not like your example or complimenting someone on a dress they’re wearing but that you don’t like because you want to make them feel good.

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