Beacon of Light In A Hug

Those around me know that I’ve recently graduated with a Master’s Degree. I hadn’t made a big deal out of it and hand’t told too many people. I was already blessed with all kinds of excitement with my Bachelor’s. Having family and friends around to celebrate was awesome, but this time I wanted the light to shine on others. I knew exactly how it felt to graduate college. I felt like a new person.  I had accomplished a life goal. 

This time around, I hadn’t mentioned it until my mom made a big deal in church.  My church had a recognition program for all graduates. From eighth grade to college graduates, it was a pretty good crowd that was recognized. I made my way to the podium and announced I graduated with a Master’s. It felt good to say that but I still wanted the light on someone else. Hopefully, someone would see that it could be done. 

The congregation clapped and cheered for all of the graduates. I was happy to be apart of the group.  Then it hit me that I was where I should be. I was a part of a group that is capable of setting an example for others. Setting an example is my goal in life. 

At the end of the program, my Pastor told everyone to hug their neighbor. The young lady that sat next to me graduated with her Bachelor’s degree. I could tell she was elated to be done. When I went to hug her, she returned the hug with a tight grip. She rubbed my back and said, “Yes, I need some of you to rub off on me. You are proof that it can be done. It encourages me to go on.” I smiled back. A simple hug can encourage someone or give the impression that they can conquer anything.

While I wasn’t looking for recognition, my heart was filled with happiness. Unknowingly, I was a beacon of light to someone else. I’d encouraged another young lady to take that step and keep going. Maybe I should hug others more often. 

 ~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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