Guilty Intentions is coming!

My entire life I’ve wanted to write a book. Yes a book. I mastered English classes in middle school and high school. Then I obtained a Bachelor’s in Journalism with minor in creative writing. Writing has always been on my mind. But the ultimate goal was to write a book. 

I imagined all of these daydreams written out in detail for someone else’s entertainment. My heart yearned for people to read and imagine just as I had. What if I’m not dramatic enough? Will my audience be able to understand my concept by my descriptions? 

I was afraid. Scared of failing,  criticism,  and being unsuccessful. So in return,  I put it off. Worked on a concept then put it away because I wasn’t ready to put my all into it. What was my problem?  Just do it. I said to myself.  No, I’m not ready. So I put it off again.

I was cleaning out my computer files and came across a halfway written book. Just a bunch of ideas. I worked and worked and worked off compiling those thoughts. The next thing I knew, I had a complete book minus edits. I then made a timeline of when to get things done. The rumor started to get out. This has to happen now. I can’t let myself down. I can’t let my audience down.

So here I am anticipating my book release date. I can’t believe my dream is becoming real. Just a few months ago, it was just a compilation of years of ideas and now it’s free for the world to see. Its so real that its unreal.

Guilty Intentions. Save the date. August 17th will be here soon!

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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