I’m Guilty of Not Practicing Forgiveness

As I was reviewing my lesson for Women’s Ministry, I was in trouble. The first lesson was about forgiveness. This is something I rarely practice. But after reading the word and the lesson,  I became more familiar with my wicked ways. I am quick to ask God for forgiveness. Sure, all I have to do is mean it. Repent, ask for forgiveness and never do it again.

However,  what about me forgiving others? Or better yet, what about when I’ve done wrong to someone else or someone has done wrong to me? Is it that easy to just forgive? What about forgetting? Just recently I told someone that it will take a long time for me to forgive them and even longer to forget. That definitely was not the correct response I should have given.

We(and I say we with me included) hold on to things that create bitterness. I didn’t realize that the bitterness I held was only tearing me up and withholding me from moving on from the situation. Blocking my blessing is more like it. The more I held on, the more bitter, angry and unpleasant I became. All the while,  the person(s) I was angry at was continuing life and hadn’t given it any second thought.

After the lesson last night, I asked that person to forgive me for being nasty, rude, mean and uncompromising to them.  It was now up to them if they chose to forgive me or not. Then I asked God to forgive me for acting that way and for not forgiving them. I woke up with a clear mind and a fresh slate. No more grudges,  bitterness or anger. I’m learning to forgive amd forget so that I can move on. 

~AM I N_My_Write_Mind?


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