Why Complain When Its Not My Battle?

Here I am. At my desk. Doing everything I need to be doing while wondering how I got here. Im in nonchalant mode staring at my computer screen, taking deep breaths before and after each call…. This can’t be my life.

Then as I type my feelings, a woman calls with an attitude of horror and hangs up in my ear because she doesn’t like the guidelines that are written out plain as day on paper. Bend the rules? Sure I have the power to do that. In fact, let me bend a few of them and I’ll lose my job just for you. But of course, I cant express how I really feel. That would be too much like right. 

Beep. Another call comes in. Am I the only person taking calls?  Where is everyone else? Only worry about you Renita. Worry about you doing your job and everything you need to do.

This sums up almost every minute of my work day.Every morning its the same routine. I wake up thank God for waking me up. But good grief! I have to get ready for this awful job. The entire drive to work is my praying and asking for a good day .

This morning I sat at my desk and wrote a prayer. I prayed that God help me with my patience and to help me be still until he opens a career opportunity for me.  He’s working on it. Until then, I can’t complain or grief as he is giving me a steady income until the other door opens. Thank you. Until then let me remain calm, not let any negative attitudes persuade my attitude and worry about me doing my job.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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