What Exactly Does “I Miss You” Mean?

So I received a text from an ex saying he missed me. But I questioned it because of previous actions. Although I can’t lie, I miss him as well. But I had to add more to that. It wasnt that I missed his physical being. We had a long distance relationship and didn’t see each other that often anyway. What I missed was the anticipation of seeing each other. I missed our conversations, the laughs, the life planning and the dreams.

What I dont miss is the arguing, the nonexistent effort,  the distance and the excuses. Someone told me that an ex is an ex for a reason. As soon as you give them a reason to come back, they prey on that opportunity with the intent of doing the same thing they did before. Where does this leave me?

My heart says to give another chance because Im loyal. My heart says to stay around for the hard times which will make the good times even better. But my mind says Im done. The feeling of missing him is only because I want more than anything for us to work but in reality things haven’t changed. How long are we to “hold on” before we see a change? 

My mind is made up. This may seem cliche but actions truly do speak louder than words. What he doesn’t know is that I know more than what he thinks but I just don’t speak in it. He has no idea I’ve had my share of realizing what he’s been up to although we don’t talk. So while he’s busy pretending to be someone he want me to believe he is, I’m busy laughing on the inside because I know the real him.

Instead of replying back the usual “I miss you too” my reply simply was “Well that’s nice. How are the children?”… End of conversation.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?