Passing the Burden

I kept hearing and seeing the phrase “Let go of your past” or “Don’t let your past dictate your future”. I wasn’t just hearing that a lot lately just because it was a trending topic. I was hearing it because thats what I was actually needed to do. For the past year and a half I’ve been holding on to my past and people from my past because thats what made me comfortable. I was standing in my comfort zone and unwilling to move.

For some reason I was resistant to change because of the fear of unknown. Well that all changed when I asked God for a favor.  But guess what? I kept ignoring Him and resisting His efforts in achieving my favor. What sense does that make to ask someone for something and then say nevermind after they try to give you what you ask for? You cant renig on asking favors. That’s like reverse Indian giving!

God works on His own time so slowly He began to show me and tell me what I had been doing wrong. “Give me that mess you’ve been dealing with and let it go.”

That’s just what I did. This morning I gave it to Him. I will admit that some things that I’ve done in the past aren’t favorable. But I can’t continue to let those action become fuel for possible insecurities. The past can become detrimental to my future. However, after letting go of some things and people I feel relieved that I am capable of using those as lesson plans to ensure a positive outlook on my future.

I passed my burden over to Him. Im confident he’s got my back. Im definte that the people I’ve left behind he will direct them in a better path and bless them in other ways. Im convinced that the situations I’ve left behind, he’ll forgive and forget.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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