Happiness Remains Consistent


…The list goes on.  I call it my life list. As I’m sitting here editing my wish list and things to accomplish, some simple thoughts arose. I realized that most of the things my heart desires require much more action than just writing them down.One is time. Time. The one thing I want more of but there is no guarantee nor is there room to waste and start over. There more I analyze the list, the more I sit and ponder ways to tackle the list. I kept going through my list and kept coming up with more items to buy and more activities to do. My solution for the impossible of gaining more time: Work on my time management.

Then I questioned and how long it will take me to complete the entire list.  If I take my time, I could do all of the free or cost efficient first. All of those could be done periodically. But the big events (Write a book, travel to another country, pay off my car), those events are time sensitive and require intense planning. My solution: Create due dates. 

The more I add to the list, the more I calculate how much money is to be spent. I’m now spending more time adjusting the budget. Create free events. Start more DIY projects. While these things may not require a lot of money, they are just as important to complete. My solution for keeping the budget under control: Do all of the free events or buy cost efficient items first. Then I could save money to do the more costly things. 

Pause. My last and final thought. Will all these activities and items, actually bring me happiness or do I just want to cross them off just to say I’ve had it in my possession or experienced it? Who knows. I won’t know what excitement they will bring until they are crossed off my list but until then…. One thing is for sure, no matter how often the list changes or how many items are added or checked off, one thing remains constant… Happiness is always number one and the last thing on my list.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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