Water Your Grass

Jealousy and envy get you no where but in a place of sadness. Worrying about what your neighbor has and comparing it to what you dont have adds up to nothing. Did you think about how long it takes to analyze what someone else has? In that time you could have conjured up your own plan to get whatever it is you want. Or better yet, did you pray about these desires of your heart?

Not once did you think about how they obtained what they have. Maybe they worked hard. Maybe it was a gift. Maybe after they received it they became miserable and you just don’t see it.

I take it as you letting your neighbor freely steal your joy, your passion and your willingness to work hard to get what you want.

Did you ever think about how plants and grass grow? What about how people grow? How do you withdraw money from your bank account if you didn’t deposit any money? How do you grow without substance?  Its the same with what you want out of life.  We have to give. Whether its your time, money, attention,effort, hardwork, etc. No matter what, you are putting out something.

So please, the next time you complain, gripe, cry and throw a fit over something someone else has and you don’t, please review your own grass. Create your own plan of how you can water your grass to make it grow. Because your grass doesn’t grow the same as your neighbor’s.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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