What’s That You Say? You Want Me to Kiss Your Butt?


Thank you to my friend for inspiration. She apologized and they thought it was a brilliant idea to make her jump through hoops after the apology. Absolutely NOT a cool idea.

You shouldnt have to beg or chase after you’ve issued an apology. It’s one thing to apologize and move on. Its another thing to harken on an issue just because you are angry. No apology at all carries a large enough burden. When that apology comes, take it. Don’t expect someone to kiss your behind. After an apology, it may be just a tad bit difficult to gain your trust but don’t let them off easy. Yeah they may have to work a little harder but kissing your backside isn’t the answer.

If someone apologizes and you have a great feeling that it’s genuine then accept it. Forgive them and move on. If you dont believe the apology was authentic, then accept the fact that they realize they were wrong. They’ve done their duty to apologize. Now it’s your turn to accomplish your part. God says that it is our duty to forgive those that have done wrong to you. It becomes your fault if you can’t swallow that pill and keep it moving. The longer you hold on, the longer it will hurt and becomes more difficult to forget.

You know how they say forgive and forget? Its a lot easier to forgive someone than it is to forget. There are some things one just cant forget. But its up to you to take those hurtful events or words and use those as fuel. Use those as learning experiences to make sure you don’t handle that situation the same way. So while you may forgive, forgetting carries a much heavier process.

To those that have apologized to me: I forgive you. Lets move on.

To those that I’ve apologized to: Forgive me. Lets move on. But lets get on thing straight…. I won’t be kissing your backside!

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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