The Art of Miscommunication


Having an argument due to miscommunication is the absolute worst! Both parties end up thinking the other is completely incapable of communicating. In actuality, it’s the principle of miscommunication. 

When we talk, disagree, argue or debate, we are simply stating our stand on the situation. As we strive on our position and our view, we aren’t concerned with how the other person may relay that information or how they view it. We are only concerned with them following suite and  agreeing with the position we take. However, this isn’t reality and it’s definitely not what actually happens. 

We have to make sure we do a better job of communicating exactly what we want, what we want other people to know and why. This eliminates the other party misunderstanding and prevents miscommunication. 

I had a disagreement with someone this morning. This disagreement was created from a conversation from the night before. I tossed and turned as I couldn’t sleep because of this conversation. After a few hours, I prayed and decided to send an e-mail of everything I was thinking. The response of that e-mail was not what I expected. Of course, I was expecting them to read the e-mail, agree that I was right and  determine way to make things right. 

Instead, I was told I was being judgmental. They reiterated that they at least tried and don’t worry about it. This led me to believe that they were ready to not talk to me again because of this. That was big burst of more hurt. The intention was to tell them how I was feeling and my thoughts . It wasn’t meant for them to not talk to me ever again. 

After going back and forth about the situation, I realized that had we both been open, upfront and communicated properly then the e-mail would have never been typed and we wouldn’t have had the argument. I do own half of the responsibility of this disagreement and I promised to ensure that I would use effective communication. 

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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