There’s Always A Way


Just when you have a feeling that something is impossible, it happens. It doesn’t come in a conventional way but it came. Not because it was easy but because you put time and attention into it. You tried several scenarios and you stuck with it until it worked. 

It’s like solving a rather complicated math problem. There are certain steps you must take in order to get the answer. Miss one step and you missed the entire problem. If you don’t get it and you give up, you will never learn. This is the same with having the determination to make a way for something you really want to make work. 

I’m ranting on because I told someone today that they always have an excuse as to why they can’t do something. Advising them that they should maybe try something different to get different results, I was portrayed as a “know it all”.  Their reply to me: You think you are always right. No lie. I slightly chuckled at this statement. It’s not that I think I’m right. I was only trying to help them realize that you have to change it up to get different results. 

Deep down, I think people make excuses because they are afraid of finding a way. Creating excuses only allows individuals to run from what could be. What’s the point of creating excuses when it’s much more comforting to just do it or at least try. Not finding a way only results from people relaying how important something is to them. If it’s not important to you, then you won’t give any energy, time, attention or money. Right?

We won’t always get things right the first time. Heck, we may not get it right the second time. But we won’t know if it will work unless we try. Telling someone you love them, doing well on your job or even putting money into your car…. These things require time, attention and money. If you don’t care about these things, you won’t find away to make these a priority. Instead, you’ll find that much more yielding excuse. 

There’s always a away so there should always be a will (not an excuse).

Am I N_My_Write_Mind? 


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