Praise Him In The Hallway


Looking for a job is extremely overwhelming.

Here’s the process: You have to find companies to search for open positions, read the descriptions to make sure you qualify then apply. You have to answer 100 questions before you hit send. Then it’s sent to Human Resources for review. From questions, to attaching your resume and adding references, one application can take 30 minutes! It’s so time consuming! 

Over the past few months, I’ve gotten numerous e-mails with the “Thank you, but no thank you” content. I grow tired from applying to all of these positions that require me to have 2-5 years experience. I’m a recent graduate. How can I have experience if no one hires me? Oh… the joys of job searching! 

As I completed my last application for the night, I became weak. I wanted to quit and just give up. To me there seemed like there was no use to applying for all of these jobs and getting no where. All I want is to get a job using my degree. It’s like paying for a really expensive item and putting it in storage. When I pay for something, I want to be able to use it.

Just as I was about to give I thought about what I already have. Though I may dislike my current job with a passion, at least I have one. I may dread waking up in the morning and learning absolutely nothing during those eight hours. There are times when my attitude does a complete 360 because I’m not happy with my current position. This is only fuel for me to continue applying. If I don’t apply, I won’t get anywhere. So until I am presented with the opportunity for another job,
I have no choice but to wait.

Until God opens a door for me, I will just praise him in the hallway. 

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