Perception Is Another Form of Denial


Random conversation with a random people lead to mind-boggling conversations. As I’m carrying on with conversation with this guy, the subject of perception sprouted . I told him I thought he was
a ladies man. I based my opinion just by seeing him with several different women at different times. This opinion didn’t sparkle from rumors or just because I wanted to view him this way. My perception was founded on what I saw with my own eyes.

Somewhere in the middle of the conversation, he tried to plead his innocence. He then tells me that it wasn’t what it looked like and he was far from a ladies man. My thought: Well how do you explain the different women? Not that he even owed me an explanation. However, I urged for him to entertain me with reasons for being spotted with various women. What other reason than, he’s dating all of these women.

Although I never got a direct response, he answered without giving too much information. His explanation to me: Things are always different from what they seem. But people’s perception is their reality.

 At first glance at his statement, I agreed. But after analyzing, I realized this was only an excuse to sway people from what really is the truth. It’s called selective perception. We like to view things as we wish or hope. But the only reality is exactly that: reality. Black is black and white is white. Nothing in between.

So while we utilize the power of selective perception, we try to portray images that may not be the total truth. We are only hindering our ability to view things as they really are. In most cases, it’s just another form of denial.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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