365 Days Of Happiness

I know the new year always brings an attitude of “new me”. However, I just want to discover ways that will just make me better than I was the previous year. So I’ve come up with this personal challenge. No matter what may be going on through the day, I have to promise myself to find some sort of positive 365 days of happiness.

Just doing a year end review of myself, I noticed that I let too much bother me. It could be major or minor but I was letting these situations, people and circumstances consume my attitude, thought process and outcome of my day. With this challenge, I hope to speak positivity in my life. I also hope to inspire and encourage others.

Today is January 1, 2013. The first day, I found that I was blessed enough to have the day off. There were people that were unable to celebrate the New Year because of work. I took advantage of my day off. I was able to grocery shop, do laundry, nap, cook and talk to people I haven’t talk to in a while. Most of all I was able to catch up on my reading! Always a plus!

While this may not seem as big of a deal to someone else, I found this day calming. Just me, my thoughts and I. The best has yet to come. I’m putting myself up to this challenge. One day down, 364 days to go!

Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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