Beat That 2013!

As I count down the last few hours of 2012, I could only do what I’m born and blessed to do. Write. I always say I’m going to do this or that for a resolution.  When in reality the outcome is I always the same.  I’m become better. I conquer and overcome. The overall goal for 2013: Conquer, overcome, learn and grow more.

A quick recap: In 2012, I’ve met new people, left some people alone, learned new things, had up, had downs, celebrated, grieved, argued, loved, made good decisions and made bad decisions. Most of all, I’ve learned. I’ve grown and I’m so grateful I was chosen to make it through 2012. 

Last but not least, I’ve grown to lean more on God. I’m not exactly where I should be, but I’m one step closer. To 2012: You have given me such a challenging, yet overcoming experience.  One more year to added as well as wisdom and knowledge. Now we are at the end, I can surely say, goodbye 2012. 

With everything that has happened, I challenge 2013 to be an even better year than 2012. Hello, 2013! I hope you are up for the challenge! I won’t make any resolutions because those tend to fade away. However, I will make a promises. I promise to grow my relationship with God, be more giving, more attentive and more conscious. I promise to just love and live life more than I did in 2012. Beat that 2013!


4 thoughts on “Beat That 2013!

  1. I don’t see the option to follow u … Follow me & ill see if I can follow u from my blog… Keep up the good work I’m ready to write!

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