Step Out To See In

Some recent events that I originally thought were good situations turned out to be hurtful and have become learning experiences. I was holding on to things and doing things because I thought they were the right things to do. People were getting chance after chance. This is because God continually gives us chance after chance with no questions asked. Shouldn’t we do the same? Not if it makes our sight blurry.

I was told by an elder that some times our vision is cloudy when we are in certain situations. We become so caught up in how or why that we often bypass the what aspect.  We have to be mindful of what it is we did to get in that situation.

It is because of our own actions and decisions that influence the ultimate outcome.  It can become so routine to express our frustration and create excuses of why. I had to tell myself that the why is because of me. I had to remove myself from the situation in order to see exactly what was happening.

Too many times people say do this or do that. But we end up doing the opposite. Why?  Because we can’t see or understand why. Take a moment to remove yourself. It will be a moment of self evaluation and you’ll be able to see things with 20/20 vision. 

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