My Name Is Write Mind And I Have A Problem With Words

This is one of those, “I stepped on my own toes by opening my mouth blogs”…..So I find out yesterday that one of my good friends said she doesn’t call when she has a situation because she knows I’ll tell her the truth. Ta ha! Here I am thinking it was because of our busy lives.

Later that evening she then went on to say “that’s why people are scared to speak up because people get called out.” What a convicting statement. She was right. I definitely didn’t mean to come across as calling her out. I felt bad. Again, I had opened up my mouth thinking it was just an honest statement. Dang it, I did it again. Is there a “I talk too much anonymous.”

Earlier I read a column that sometimes we talk too much. Many times being a good friend means sitting back, listening and just being an extra ear. No need to always say how you really feel. Your friend may already be down. No need to create a situation by making hurtful statements.

So with that being said, I’m learning to turn down my instinct to give words of advice or my opinion. My opinion is not always needed. Although I may think I’m always just being a voice of reasoning with my honest words, it could be more hurtful than helpful.

Reflecting back on a previous post…. Sometimes Your Delivery Can Be Hurtful… I’m working on it.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?



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