Office Etiquette

After today’s events, I thought I’d just release a public service announcement for office workers. I also work in an office and often have encountered a few individuals who have violated these codes. I’ve compiled a list of the most violated codes from myself and friends. Please don’t become a violator of office etiquette!

1. When someone says bless you, it’s always polite to say thank you. We know you believe in God so it’s not considered offensive. We also know you heard the words “Bless You”. You are always butting in other people’s conversations. Which leads me to #2

2. Don’t be nosey. We have conversations at work to help us pass the time. However, when we are talking about something and are talking low, it’s for a reason. Stop turning around to see what the conversation is about.

3.Don’t come to the workplace loaded with liquor. Hello! It’s a small space. We can smell you and your breath. We don’t care that you get throwed when you aren’t at work. Heck, I would if my spirit allowed me too.

4. If you borrow something from someone else’s desk, it’s not that difficult to return it.

5.Again, we are in a office space. Don’t talk like you are near a subway station and can’t hear. It’s one of my pet peeves when I’m on the phone talking and someone comes behind me and starts to yell like they have a hearing problem.

6.Please keep your shoes on of they are not up to par. If you know you have a foot odor of skin problem, please do not reveal that to the entire team!

7.If you are having a bad day, please keep to yourself. We don’t want any of your bad energy. You came to work so get over it. Its your job and you signed up for it.

8.Take your personal cell phone conversations away from everyone else. We don’t want to hear you cursing out your husband or arguing with bill collector. Keep to yourself.

9. If you are going to eat snacks at your desk, please eat quietly. We don’t want to hear your every bite along with every swallow. Smacking and loud crunching are not pleasant sounds when we are trying to concentrate.

10. Please do not clip your nails at your desk. There is a risk of them flying into someone else’s cube. That’s something that should be done in the privacy of your own home or in the bathroom.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?



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