I’m in a Green Mood Or Is It Blue?

Its no secret that I wear acrylic on my nails. It makes them stronger while the polish lasts longer. Not to mention… I type better with them. Having freshly painted nails can give you an instant mood change.

But my problem isn’t the nail itself. My issue is with the polish. I get excited with a fresh paint color. But then I get that overwhelming feeling when deciding a color. We have so many brands and colors to choose from. When I get fill ins, I’m forced to choose a color that I’m going to be comfortable with for two weeks. Do I just get one color? Do I get multiple colors? Should I get a design? Or how about trying a new polish that has special effects… You get my frustration? You would think this was a midlife crisis and major life changing decision.

It seems so easy. But I tend to get bored easily. This time around, I was in a green mood. Yesterday, I felt like a black or grey. Today, I think I’m in royal blue mood. I can never tell. It’s just a little difficult to choose one color and remain in that color mood. So while I have green today, who knows what color mood I’ll be in tomorrow or next week.

If color changes were free, I would probably spend most of my time in a nail shop. This is only because I’m so indecisive about what color mood I’m in! What a ridiculous, yet frustrating decision. Oh, the joys of first world problems.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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