Did You Pray For Someone Else?

So of course I pray daily. Depends on the day, what’s going on, what my concerns are, but I often pray for not only myself but those around me. If we are going through something or just need clarification, what do we do? We pray. I can only speak for myself but sometimes, I pray and wait for an answer. But due to my impatience, I hold on to what I prayed about. Instead of listening to God, I’m still holding on when I should have left my concerns in His hands. This is definitely not the way to go.

We often say “Pray for me.” But how often does that person actually pray for you? Or you say to someone “I’ll be praying for you.” But how many times have you actually stopped to pray for that person you said you were praying for?

It took for someone else to pray for me to give me that little boost I needed to understand that prayer for someone else is just as effective as praying for yourself. I was going through a few things and a good friend called me and said, “I see you get frustrated sometimes and God has you going through these things for a reason. Friend, I called to tell you, I prayed for you tonight.” What a powerful statement. My heart filled with tears of joy because I knew she meant it and I knew it truly came from the heart.

This just made me realize that we have to be more careful when we say we are praying for someone, it could be that one prayer that they requested to get them through. God used her as a channel to get to me for me to listen to what he was saying.

When’s the last time you prayed for someone?

~Am I_My_Write_Mind?


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