Sometimes Your Delivery Can be Hurtful

I don’t know how many times I can say that the truth hurts. I think we try to soothe the pain of the truth by blaming other’s harshness when they tell the truth. I’d rather everyone just tell the truth no matter how bad they may believe it’s going to hurt. This subject stirred up because someone told me yesterday that I hurt their feelings sometimes by what I say. My rebuttle: I’m only telling the truth.

After the conversation was over and went back and reflected. What was it that I said that could have been interpreted as hurtful.  Ah ha! Lightbulb moment: Maybe it wasn’t what I said it was how I said it. It was more of my delivery than the package itself.

The truth will always be the truth.  But what I review as hurtful may not be viewed as hurtful to someone else. It’s all about a person’s perspective. We may not view the situation in the same light. Truth can be supported by facts and concrete research. This remains the same just as opinions are persuaded by perspectives.

So as I’m writing this blog, I’m also reflecting on what I said to that person. Maybe I could have been a little nicer. Maybe I my tone could have been a little softer. I could have toned down my “as a matter of fact” attitude. No matter how I said it, it’s already  said and I can’t change that.

The only action now is to apologize that I hurt their feelings. Then use this situation as a tool when reflecting on how I’m speaking to someone and what I’m saying.

~Am I_N_My_Write_Mind?


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