Pride Over A Tenacious Attitude

Food for thought: When you are determined to do things the same way expecting different results you can become extremely prideful.

What happens when you put your time and effort into something but it’s just not working out for you? You’ve done everything within your limit to make sure it works. You’ve even tried things differently, only to end up with the same result?

This my friend is a tenacious attitude. The life you prefer to live is actually consumed by your determination, aspiration and drive to make something (that you know is not going to work) work. Where is the common sense to let it go and start something else?  No, you want to stay where you are comfortable. You’d rather stay in a spot that is familiar. With all the time and effort you’ve already put it, you don’t realize that you are wasting even more time working on something not worth your effort. You’re thinking… Why start over when you’ve already put enough time in this situation already?

However, you have that tiny centimeter that’s asking who cares? Who cares that you have to start over? Who cares that you even stayed around that long to see something fail? Who’s paying attention? What they are actually paying attention to is why you carry a tenacious attitude while letting your pride stand over you.

I’ve discovered that most prideful people also carry this tenacious attitude. However, these two together is definitely not a good look. You end up looking like the biggest fool 95% of the time when you become so tenacious that you let your pride get in the way.

No one wants to deal with a tenacious yet prideful person. Those two do not mesh well together.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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