Do You Believe in Dreams?

So I had this entirely weird and extremely real dream (or should I say nightmare). Here’s the dream in a nutshell…..I had a dream that my boyfriend was in Illinois and he kept calling me at weird times. It turned out he was dating another girl and was sneaking to call me. She finally called me and confronted me after she found out. The next day she arrived in Indy. After a few words, my best friend and I gave her a mass ass whopping. My boyfriend decided to call the police and the dream was over.

My first instinct was to call him and tell him what happened. His response: Very entertaining dream! Not likely but entertaining! Hope you pray about that in church…. That I did. I didn’t pray about or for the dream. I prayed for us. Maybe the dream was trying to tell me that I need to pray for us more often.

Some of you may say this is a sign that he could be cheating.  Ummm… Not so much. It’s a different view when you trust someone. Trusting in someone also means I don’t go around fishing for information. If he was cheating on me, the truth will eventually come to light at the appropriate time. There’s no need for me to think he is cheating unless he gives me a reason. A dream is not reason enough.

This dream also played me so much out of my character. One, I wouldn’t fight over a guy. I’m not in high school anymore. Now if this happened in high school when I was immature, I could see this happening. However, I have no intentions on fighting any women over a male. If a woman wants to fight over a man, she can sure have him. A man is not worth a fight, a few bruises and a stay in jail cell.

I’m not big on dreams and the meaning of dreams. What I am big on is taking situations like this and using them as opportunities for improvement. So with this dream/nightmare, I take my vow to pray more (not just about us but in general).

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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