Breaker Box and No Food

As I was getting dressed yesterday, I heard a loud pop followed by smoke and a strong burning smell. My first thought was something caught on fire. I ran through my apartment trying to find the cause. After I discovered that there was nothing on fire, I called my leasing office.

I did another walk through and noticed the light in the kitchen, fridge, bathroom or hallway didn’t work. Then my microwave kept beeping. After a few minutes the maintenance guy called me back and walked me though how to reset the breaker box.

This fixed the problem for a just s second. All of my lights now came on but they were dim. A few seconds later, the leasing office called to follow up and then I explained everything to her that I explained to the maintenance guy. She said someone would be right over. An hour went by and I left to run my errands and do everything I had planned yesterday. I then came home to a note on the door telling me that the maintenance guy had to replace my outside breaker box but the power company had a lock and he would return today after they took the lock off.

In the meantime, I was still left electric in half of my apartment and the food in my fridge slow getting warmer and defrosting. After he came to fix the breaker box, I noticed that everything in the fridge was no longer any good. I made a note to myself to call the leasing office because I wanted to get reimbursed for my spoiled food. I threw everything out and made a list of everything in the fridge. I called my leasing office and was told I had to wait until the manager came back on Wednesday to be considered for food reimbursement.

Now, I understand situations like this have a process. But what if I had no money to buy extra food to restock my refrigerator? So my only choice is to wait until Wednesday to even see if they will consider reimbursing me for food. Until then, I’m forced to eat out after I vowed to start cooking Monday through Friday.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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