Beads and Light Up Shoes Are A No Go

We have such interesting conversations at work. One of today’s topics: How to dress our children. No, I don’t have any children. But when I do, I know exactly what and what not to dress them in. The conversation started because someone posted a picture of their child with a head full of beads. Not one strand of hair went uncovered. Now this is definitely a concept I have a problem with. Why braid and bead your daughter’s hair in that manner? Let’s be real here. It makes her head heavy and I hate the sound of the breads while she’s prancing around.

So while your child is busy giving you headaches with that annoying bead clashing sound, my daughter will be free to prance around quietly. She’ll also carry that freedom and become worry free from bead bruises and scratches.

Then the discussion evolved into light up shoes. Whoever conjured that idea has made a great deal of money. However, I am not so sure that that was a bright idea. They ARE annoying. The fact that I get distracted by a little person walking and lights beaming with every step is not an idea that I enjoy.  I was in church one Sunday and a child kept clicking his heals just to make the lights glow. Oh how annoyed I was because I couldn’t concentrate on the sermon. I was too busy paying attention to those ridiculous lights.

Sure, I don’t have children now. But when that time comes I am definitely putting a band on beads and light up shoes. Those two items are a no go. When that time comes, I can only pray that light up shoes and beads are not popular fashion choices for children.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

2 thoughts on “Beads and Light Up Shoes Are A No Go

  1. I can’t. I pray I’m around the day you have children. I’ll hide the light up shoes at my house and change them when you’re not around, lol……Aye, what if Jordan made light up retros or flights………

    • If you put light up shoes on my baby, I’m so sure that our friendship will be over. If Jordan made light up retros or flights, thats just another reason for me not to buy them because everyone else’s child will have the same shoe. I beg to be different.

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