Lovely Logics #7

Lovely logics #7: Smile, you don’t own all the problems in the world.

Ok. This is the last one! I think they really do save the best for last. I always tend to find some way to smile when I’m down about something. They say laughter is therapy. I have to agree 100%. When I’m at work having a bad day I find some way to make a joke. If I’m at home in deep thought about something, I want to watch a comedy. For some reason I’d rather smile and laugh than sit in complete awe trying to decide why I’m in that mood.

Yes, I do get in moods when I don’t want to be bothered or I’m not in a mood to smile. But as the logic states, I don’t have all the problems in the world. When I think about the day I’ve had or the week I’ve had, I can only think one thing. Most of my day, week, month or year has been me spending it laughing, smiling and being happy.

So to wrap these seven lovely logics up, they all work together. These seven lovely logics are nothing but a foundation to live happy. I may not have everything I want. I may not have a good day. I may be criticized by those around me. But in the end, as long as I’m smiling and happy nothing else matters.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

2 thoughts on “Lovely Logics #7

  1. #7 is my favorite! No matter what you are going through it could always be worse…You may be in the midst of fire, but there is probably someone even worse off…stay prayed up and just for God to deliver your breakthrough and while your waiting (in my Kirk Franklin voice) SMILE 😀

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