Lovely Logic #6

Lovely logics # 6: Stop thinking too much. It’s alright not to know all the answers

This is one where I don’t think I struggle with personally. However I struggle with dealing with these people who do think too much. This goes hand in hand with talking too much, you talk too much and try to convey that you know everything.

I would prefer not to know everything. If I know everything then what becomes learning experiences? If we know everything then we aren’t living and we aren’t growing. I take every learning experience as a growing experience. I do however, get frustrated when I need advice on what to do and the answer isn’t clear to me. But this is when I take the time to pray, ask God and leave him to answer my question.

We are human and will need advice or suggestions every now and then. I work toward not asking too many people for advise as we can occassionally run into those ones that think they know everything. Those are ones who swear they’ve been through everything in the word.

I’d like to think that although I may have been through a lot I may know a lot about a certain subject. That does not however give me the right to tell someone what they should and shouldn’t do. As I stated before one person’s struggle is not the same as the other. My experience does not mean I know all of the answers. I’m ok with not knowing all of the answers.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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