Lovely Logic #4

Lovely logics #4: No one is the reason for your happiness except yourself

This is one of my favorite. There was a mention of this logic in #2. I take full responsibility of my own actions. Sure I get upset at myself when I do something that is unpleasing. However, I can’t be upset at anyone but myself. Blaming others for faults and unhappiness is not an option. Unless someone holds a gun up to your head and says I d,pecans you to be unhappy, there is no reason why you can’t make yourself happy.

We just have to find those things that make us happy. There are plenty of things, people and places that make me happy. However, if I never do those things, surround my self with those people, or go to those place that make me happy, I’ll never be happy. In the mist of doing those things, being around those people or going to those places, I find more things that make me happy. It’s all a matter of just doing it.

Happiness should always come as long as you are doing what you are supposed to do. If you deeply feel you’ve done everything in your power to become and remain happy then there is nothing more you can give. Happiness will only come unless you choose to be happy. My choice to happy. This is no matter if I’m having a good or bad day.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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