Seven Lovely Logics: # 1

I think I mentioned this in one of my other blogs. But someone touched me with a post of Seven Lovely Logics. The first logic is: Make peace with your past song doesn’t spoil your present.

I thought I was pretty content with my past. That is until someone showed me that I wasn’t because they weren’t. We’ve all done some things we weren’t supposed to, made decisions we knew or learned were wrong and have been places we had no business being. With that said we, can’t go back and change them. What’s done is done. From these events there are only two actions we can take. First, we must learn from it. Everything we do in life is going to to be learning experience. We either will be happy with our decisions or unhappy. Either way, we learn what to do and what not to do. Secondly, we take those events and move on. Going back to what you did in the past only hinders your vision for your future. How can you move on if you’re stuck doing the same thing from your past?

Our past makes us stronger. In the end, we’ve all have had something happen to us, a lost and even people come In our lives that mean us no good. But what happens when you allow those things to keep happening? You get so wrapped up in what didn’t happen when you can use what did happen as an opportunity. Believe it or not we can take bad situations and create opportunities in stead of problems.

So instead on harkening on the past and filtering problems, look past the problems and create opportunities.

~ Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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