Time management Is Not So Managed

I kept telling myself I must work on my time management. I always find myself with so much to do with not enough time. So what better way to get a handle on time than to get a planner and write everything down. I had everything planned out. Every task was listed with set a timeline of when to get them done…. About that…. Plans didn’t go so well.

Just one mishap threw my entire day off. Then it just dominoed from there. I stopped by the cafeteria to get breakfast. Searched for through my purse got my bank card only to find it wasn’t there. I gave the cashier a blank stare. With an embarrassing attitude, I asked if she could take a sausage link off because it didn’t have enough cash. I get to my desk, empty my purse and still no card. Oh the joys of a having a bank account with no bank card.

I then rushed to cancel my card because I couldn’t risk someone finding it causing me to go bankrupt. “Oh crap! I don’t have any money and the goal was to pay bills online. That can’t happen without a bank card” I said to myself. Now I had to go to the bank on my lunch break. But I had plans to work on my homework assignment on lunch. You see where this is going. Of everything I had planned to get done, most of it consisted of me using my bank card some way or another.

For the rest of the day, I wondered what my next step would be. First, I had to get to the bank to get money so I could function. It would take me forever to type everything else that was out of wack. But this is just a learning experience. No matter how much your plan to manage your time, there’s always something that could possibly throw your time off which makes it less manageable.


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