In Single Until I’m Married

I always find myself in the darndest debates. A recent debate is the definition of being single. I could see both sides if the argument.

One side said: you are single until you marry. Their reasoning was short and simple. On their tax return, they file single. Until they make that commitment for forever, they are free to live for themselves. It’s not until they decide to have that eternal partner when they are no longer single.

On the other hand, the rebuttal: If you are in a committed relationship you are no longer single. This is where you learn how to live with another person, you learn to love and you learn to grow with another person. If you don’t learn this before you marry, you’ll have all kinds of problems in your marriage.

My view is a mix of both. Yes, I’m single and I’m not married. I don’t have any children so I am free to move around freely. I go anywhere I choose with no questions to answer to anyone. I eat, purchase and make any decions for myself. I answer to no one.

However, I am in a committed relationship. This means I don’t just date multiple people. When I make plans, I make sure I include him and I also value his opinion. The number one rule is I don’t go around sleeping with multiple people. There would be a problem if I even thought that I wanted to be unfaithful or not committed. I would know in my heart that I wanted to be single with no strings attached.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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