Alone on your bday

So I’ve come to that part of the year again. Yeah. My birthday. Every year I get this eagerness to do something new and fun. But every year, I end up doing anything but extraordinary.

I’m too old to go out. Yet, too young to not do anything at all. I will admit that my parents threw me an awesome party last year. But you can’t expect to have an awesome party every year.

I wanted to go on a cruise but no one could take off work. I wanted to take a weekend trip but no one had money. Even said let’s go to an amusement park. No one was really fond of that idea either.

It doesn’t help either when  your boyfriend isn’t romantic and  doesn’t think birthdays or holidays aren’t that important. Welcome to my world. I feel like you should have some type of enthusiasm about birthdays and holidays no matter whose birthday or what holiday it is.

I think what I’m really bothered at is that I get super excited about other people’s birthdays but I don’t get the same response. Even other holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving I get exited about because that’s family time. However, people around me don’t think its that big of a deal.

So here I am 2 weeks away from my birthday and still no plans. I think this year, I’ll bring down my enthusiasm level and just have a nice quiet dinner with a book. Hey, I may even have a nice glass of wine by myself.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


2 thoughts on “Alone on your bday

  1. I can definitely relate. I go all out for other peoples birthday but when mines comes I downplay it as no big deal. The last two years I’ve put together my own birthday dinner which sucked and it just wasn’t fun at all. So I’m over it. I’ll enjoy my bday alone unless someone calls and invites me out. It’s weird but you’re not alone.

    • I can understand that but stop waiting on friends and ppl to do things if it’s something you want to do, solo is the best, I do things solo all the time but that’s me

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