Fear of Letting Go

Reading an article about hoarders, I thought about how people are afraid to let go of somethings. It can be as simple as a photo, a letter or even a toy.  I question why people are afraid of letting go of people however. Confusion and inquisitiveness reigns my mind when it comes to letting people go. Maybe it’s a fear of being alone or lonely. But why hold on when you know someone is not good, compatible or a right fit for you? Why say or listen to things that continue to to remain hurtful?

It’s like they have a hold on you and because they won’t let you. But you won’t either. I’ve been guilty of this too so it’s not like I’m talking about anyone specific. I’ve heard stories of people saying their mate told them they were selfish. Or their mate has told them that everything they do they hate. My question is why? Why stay with someone if that were true?

I understand that sometimes we as humans say things that we don’t mean from time to time. However, when we reach a point when we continue to speak unhealthy and hurtful comments, it only hinders us in the future. I suspect, we may hold on due to fear of what lies a head for the future. We are afraid to wait for what we deserve which is the exact opposite.

A few years ago I had someone call me a psycho and a b*tch in the same sentence. After I said I apologize that he felt that way about me. I also said since he felt that way, he probably shouldn’t call or text me any more. What did he do? He continued to call. Left numerous voicemails and my inbox was full of text messages from him. He also showed up at my house unannounced a few times.  In my mind, I’m thinking if I’m such a psycho and b*itch, why would you continue to call me? I’m still baffled by his actions.

However, with situations like this we have to learn how cope with other people and their faults. Although he thought I was crazy, it was actually him who turned out to be a little off his rocker. I recognized that some of his actions and then calling me out my name was unhealthy. So I decided to leave him alone. But it was him who was afraid to let go.

Its not about giving up on someone. It’s about letting go of someone or something so that doors and windows can open for you to gain what is really meant for you to have.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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