Where Does Your Joy Come From?

So I was reading a magazine and there was sort of a quiz that caught my attention. It was titled “Where do you find your joy?” In the second part of the activity, it lists statements and you had to finish the statement. The activity is to sort of help you find what you love to do. When I first skimmed through the questions, I thought some of these questions were random and not helpful at all. That is until I actually read and thought about the answers. These are the questions to the first exercise:

I could blow an entire rainy afternoon….. writing, reading and watching movies.

When I was a kid, I use to love….. solving problems.

I’ve always wanted to be really good at…… singing and cooking.

If I could do one thing everyday in my life, it would be….. live a happy meaningful life and make more conscious decisions.

I can lose track of time when…. I’m talking and writing.

Nothing clears my head like…… music and reading the Bible.

When I’m feeling drained all I wanna do is….. sleep.

I feel most connected to my body when…… I’m eating right and working out.

In my dreams I imagine myself……married with kids or on year long vacations.

I get s shot of energy when I…. sexercise (no typo). Lol.

We don’t think of these ideas daily. It merely helps us generate ideas of how we lose track of what it is that really makes us happy. Where do we find or how do we start things that are joyous to us? I had my friend answer the questions too. We discussed them and laughed at how similar yet different we were. The point is to find what makes you happy. No one else can make you happy or tell you what can make you happy. I challenge you to answer the questions on your own.

The challenge for me is to get back to solving problems, writing, working out, eating right and waiting for my husband.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


2 thoughts on “Where Does Your Joy Come From?

  1. Reading this made me realize how we lose track in these simple yet idealistic things when we think we’ve found that one and after a few months of mediocrity we find out he’s just not it and we start again. In search for joy in the things that are momentary. I pray that I can find the joy within myself and stick with that. At least if something goes wrong I can blame myself and not disappointed spirits of another.

  2. Great blog. When I was a kid I use to love playing connect four.
    I’ve always wanted to be really good at parenting.
    If I could do one thing everyday of my life it would be make someone else’s day.
    I get a shot of energy when I finish a great conversation.
    In my dreams I imagine myself as a great journalist who travels around the world.
    I feel most connected to my body when I work out.
    Nothing clears my head like a Oreo blizzard

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