How To Support Your Mate

The support for my mate has been questioned. In his words I only see things my way and that I more or less should get involved. What exactly does that mean? From my understanding I’ve supported everything he’s done even when it hurt.

What about the small things? Like when I sat in a movie theatre pretending to enjoy a movie. But in actuality I was bored and freezing my ass off but boiling inside because I thought the movie sucked.

An example of something big…. When I actually believed that moving in was our next step. But this is even after I told him I didn’t believe in shacking up. That’s huge. But in the end, I supported his thoughts and his decision and went along with it.

In the end, it’s all the same. I supported him. Why? Because he’s a man and he’s supposed to take the lead and I’m supposed to follow. But what happens when he thinks I’m not behind him? We enter into this atmosphere when we both know what the truth is but but it leaves that nasty after taste of “who’s right?” Truth…… Neither one of us.

The point is, although he doesn’t think that I don’t support him or that I’m not involved in what he wants, that’s his problem. That’s something he has to deal with. The fact is that I know what I’ve done for him and I know that I’ve supported him 99.9 %. To add, the world doesn’t need to know everything I’ve done or supported. I could keep a running list of things I’ve done for him. However, love doesn’t keep a list. That’s for God to keep track not us.

My only complaint is that he doesn’t see it the same way. Instead I’m seen as not supportive and not interested. So what am I supposed to do?

I’ll remain humble, keep my mouth closed and remain the same supportive person I’ve been regardless of what he believes.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


One thought on “How To Support Your Mate

  1. Thats his problem, Amen. Some men are just big baby brats who want women to just be this superwoman figure and we’re only human. I struggle with supporting because my past relationships I’ve been made a joke of. So I’m very hesitant on going all out supporting someone who constantly questions my support. Never satisfied I can do without.

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