Men With No Kids

I was baffled at the phrase “I need a man with no kids”.  The problem is not with the phrase itself. Th problem is with who said it. As you can guess, it was a woman that had three kids with all different fathers. Now here I am staring at her with a blank face wondering why in the __________ would she believe she deserved someone with no kids.

Even men with 2 or more kids have the decency to say they would like a woman with no kids. What is that about? For those of us that don’t have any kids, we are stuck with a group of men that have a whole variety of kids. I just think this is unfair.

Although I don’t have kids, I don’t see anything wrong with having kids. Things happen. Heck you may have been married before and all of your kids are by one person. However, I find it hard to believe that you will even be able to have time to start a relationship with someone that has time not spent on kids.

My theory is that it’s not the man with no kids they want. It’s the convenience of having someone that isn’t so occupied. Still. Why is that fair for me to have slim pickings of men? Or men having slim pickings of women? I think it’s only fair that if I don’t have any children, he shouldn’t have any either.

The same goes for men. How would you expect me to be patient and willing to be anything less than first place? I’m pretty understanding of having 1 child because then I would possibly dealing with 1 attitude of a possible bitter mother.

A relationship shouldn’t be compromised by someone’s time, attention and money being exhausted by a handful of children and I’m left out to dry.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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