Single Woman Problems

Amazes me how people send you messages right on time. My friend sends out daily motivational texts. Sometimes out of order but most are helpful. However just yesterday he sent one that said “Better to be single with standards than in a relationship for less”. I texted him back and said that he said a mighty good word.

I think I was empowered by this text only because of the recent things I’ve gone through in a relationship. I’m not saying Ive lowered my standards. Maybe I’ve just thought about some of my standards and how to change them. Food for thought: Why do I have to lower my standards if I feel they are where they should be for a guys who live a mediocre life and seems to be okay with settling? I am a leading lady…. Guys please catch up!

When we get in relationships we learn a variety of things. I mostly learn two things: what I like and what I don’t like. In this process we also learn how hard it is to get all of those qualities that we prefer in one person. I remember telling someone (if I just take his personality with that one’s energy or his conversation with that one’s intellect I’d have the ideal guy hmmmm only in a perfect world.

Now, I’m far from someone who a person should take relationship advice from. Heck, I would prefer people not even ask. Although, it’s said the one can give better advice for other people than take heed to it for myself (as my friend Cassie would put it).

Sure, I have my flaws. That’s one thing I’ll always admit about myself. I also have things that I’m working on to make me a better person. However, sometimes i catch myself asking:Why should I have to work on two people at the same time when it should be me working on me, myself and I?

Only in a fantasy world is where I’ll meet someone who meets all of my standards.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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