Had a conversation this morning that made me question their motive and my actions. They questioned why I had made some drastic decisions in the last year. My insides boiled as its not my responsibility to explain my decisions to anyone. I went to work, sat at my desk for a while and meditated on how to shake it off.

As I become older, I realize accomplishments, ideas created, behaviors learned and lessons taught. This does not necessarily mean that I’m done learning or teaching. It’s just means that I’m growing and I’m discovering new opportunities.  We’ve all made choices in life. Whether our choices are right or wrong, they all have the end result. WE  LEARNED SOMETHING.

One of the hardest personal decisions I’ve made is to grow up and work on me. Toward the latter part of 2011, I decided to not drink alcoholic drinks and party in clubs. I’m not downing anyone who does drink or party. This is a decision that I’ve made that I believe will make me a better person. I’ve had a few comments that have tried to persuade my decisions but in the end, my choice is my personal preference. I try not to explain myself  and my reasoning because people tend to pass judgement on that reasoning as well. Instead, I simply say “it’s just a personal choice that I’ve made. So while, I  dont need alcohol to have fun, it is hard at times to separate myself when the majority of the group has a glass of wine or a mixed drink.

Another personal decision I’ve made is in regards to food. At the beginning of the year, I decided to cut out all red meat and pork. Yes, no more hamburgers from FIVE GUYS and no more honey BBQ ribs from my dads grill. The more I think about it, the more I want to give up and have a slab of ribs or bacon for breakfast. However, as I’ve given up a simple food item, I’ve gained something as well. Although I’m not where I need or want to be physically and health wise, I believe I’m on a better track to becoming healthy. Yes, I know what you’re thinking ” why not just eat less”. Yes I do that as well. I’ve just become more conscious of what I eat and how much. Cravings come more than often and I still battle my addiction to sugar. In the end, I know the decisions I’ve made are in fact mine and I own up to those decisions.

In the words of my uncle: Choices are a part of life. If you aren’t making choices, you aren’t living.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


One thought on “Choices

  1. As you’ve already stated the choices you’ve made are simply…yours. I actually admire the fact that you have been able to make choices in areas that can be extremely hard to adhere to and have done so successfully. As you (as individuals) grow older, some things should fall to the waist side (…when I became a man, I put away all childlike things-Bible). Usually, just like in every other aspect of life, people who are quick to judge or have negative remarks towards the decisions that are made are envious and lack what it takes to be able to recognize what it means to grow. Remember misery loves company and that’s company that I’d personally would rather not keep.

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