No Red Meat For Me, Please!

In order to help in my weight loss battle, I’ve decided slowly wean myself off of red meat. I thought this would be easy because I did it with pork. However, avoiding red meat seems to get harder with every meal. I live alone so it’s not hard to buy things to cook just for me. I don’t have to worry about other people’s taste buds. It makes perfect sense to buy things that are pleasing to my own taste buds.

With this decision to cut out red meat, I find it very tempting to try a meal that is purely red meat. I see commercials all the time where restaurants are introducing new products that are all red meats. Even the grocery stores will advertise red meats before they show chicken or fish. I find it even harder paying for my food. Most of the time, a hamburger cost a lot less than a fish or chicken sandwich.

No one really is sure how much commercials impact or influence people’s decisions to buy things. For me, I may see something and want to try it just because I saw a commercial. With that being said, I saw a commercial for a fast food restaurant and I saw a hamburger that looked so delicious. We all know the food on the commercials do not look  the same in person as it does on a commercial. However, we want to try it anyway. Or at least I do!

As I type this blog, a Wendy’s commercial comes on. I paused, stopped typing and watched the entire commercial. I hadn’t realized how much I was interested in viewing this new burger.  After the commercial went off, I shook my head at the commercial.

Oh how I would love to try it out. But I have to keep in mind the task at hand: No more red meat. To help me in my transition, I buy nothing but chicken, turkey and fish. If I don’t feel like cooking, I call my parents to see what they cooked. If it consists of red meat, I go home and settle for a fresh salad with turkey. By no means are these decisions the easiest. In fact, they get harder with every meal decision. But again, I have to remind myself of what the task is: No more red meat!

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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