Choosing the Right Actions

Kudos to my best friend. She gives me a lot of inspiration and the push I need. I recently went to her for some advise. This issue I was having was weighing heavy on my heart. I even confessed that I felt so bad for what I was about to do.

Her response, “The right things to do are usually the hardest.” She was absolutely right. It’s so easy to choose all the wrong things. It’s so much easier to choose candy over fruit or push the elevator door rather than holding it for someone who’s a few feet away.

I think tis has a lot to do with my patience also. I get so anxious and I do what is right for the moment. What I think is right for the moment, may not be the best decision for the future. Someone once told me that a handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.

I get so caught up on making other people happy that my own vision gets cloudy and decisions become irrational. I’ve been told that because I genuinely am a good friend, I tend to do for people who aren’t appreciative. With that being said, me trying to be a good friend, back fired.

I’m still learning to be conscious of what I say and what I do. Although this is an extremely hard process, I find it relieving. So as my decisions become harder in life, I think about what’s right over what’s wrong.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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