Almost Made It. But Almost Doesn’t Count

I recently applied for supervisor position in my department. The interview/elimination process was log, drawn out and strenuous. I first had to apply for the position. Once I received the clearance from my application, I then received my next task.

There were five questions I had to answer, essay style. Each question was about one page each. I could have easily typed up questions and e-mailed them. That’s the quick way, right? Right. But I took it a step further. I printed it off. Created a cover sheet and placed them in a plastic cover as if I was turning in a report. Needless to say, the look on my manager’s face was priceless. He smiled, nodded his head and said he looked forward to reading my responses.

I guess I impressed them enough for an interview. After I received an invitation for an interview, I went to my boss and asked what it was I needed to prepare myself for the interview. As he explained what he was looking for, I took mental notes. I was trying to nail my interview.

The day of the interview was a hectic day (blog regarding this day coming soon). Long story short, I was not prepared. My heart was not beating, it was pounding. My nerves were bad but I had to go in as confident as possible. I walked in the interview confident. However, an hour and a half later  I walked out with sweaty palms, back and arm pitts.

Now that the interview was over, all I had to do was wait for an answer. The agony wasn’t over just yet. My desk is right by the conference room where they were conducting the interviews.  So I watched every other candidate walk in and walk out and I timed the interviews. “Oh dear. I’m starting to second guess myself,” I thought.

After the first week went by and I didn’t hear anything about the position, I left it alone. I gave it to God and said I’m not going to worry about it. So many thoughts were running through my mind. I wondered what kind of impression I made on my manager and director.

This morning, my manager called a meeting with just he and I. “Oh no, what could this possibly be about.” I went in closed the door and sat down.

He then said:
“I had no idea how much of leader you were. Over and over, you keep impressing me. I was testing you by giving you projects to do and you nailed them. I really can’t find anything bad to say. You impressed Dana and I. Your essay was on point, you interview was great and all I can say is that you continue to impress me. I say that to say that I chose another candidate but I chose them simply because they had way more experience than you. I just wanted to tell you that this isn’t the end. You would be the first person whose name will come up for another position.”

Through all of this, I continued to smile. There was sort of bittersweet moment I was feeling. Although I wasn’t chosen for the position, it’s good to know I was one of two candidates. The race started out with twelve people. It may only be second place but I beat 10 other people to get there.

Maybe there is something better or more fitting for me in the near future. So instead of being sad that I didn’t get the position, I’m happy. I’m happy because I now know that I have his attention. I’m ready and willing to grow professionally. It may take a while but I’ll get there.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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