Hi, My Name is Mike

I debated for four days on when or even if I should write about this random experience. But a few encouraging words from friends led me to this path to lay my frustration out on this blog. One friend said I should write about the entire experience, the other said I should write about men in general. I figured there were too many blogs about men anyway. So here we go. Here is the condensed version.

A road trip to my family reunion in Baltimore started this entire mess. A guy I dated while I lived Baltimore seems to have a radar on me. I never tell him when I’m coming. However, he always tends to call or text heavily when I do. After a few conversations, I tell him that I’m coming. (Yes, bad idea).

Please keep in mind that this road trip was about my family, but this guy called and texted the entire drive wanting to know who, what, when, where and how. The most disturbing text: Are you going to stay with me? My gut instinct was to disconnect all means of communication but a part of me wanted to to see him. Dinner and a few drinks wouldn’t hurt.

I finally get to my destination and he calls to see if we can hang out. I thought the earlier the better. If I got our visit out of the way then I wouldn’t have to worry about him the rest of the weekend. We meet up, had a few laughs and then the drama began. He noticed we had a similar phone. He asked me to fix something on his phone which required me to go into his messages. No biggie right? Wrong.

I proceded to make my changes to the last person he texted. This person’s name was Mike. I noticed that he was sending the same text messages to Mike were the same messages he was sending me. Wait. Why are Mike and I getting the same texts? So I go back to the inbox to make sure I wasn’t confusing myself. I looked and my name didn’t appear in the inbox anywhere.

By this time, I’m wondering why my name is saved as Mike. This can only mean one thing. There is someone important you are trying to keep me from. I’m smart enough to know that if my right name is not saved in your phone, I’m definitely not an important factor.  I’m wondering if she was to go through his phone, if she would have found the many pleading texts in his phone. Examples: I miss you. I love you. I wish you would move back here…. You get the point.

He didn’t get an initial reaction from me. I handed him the phone and pretended I hadn’t noticed anything. If he was smart enough, he would have edited my information before he handed me the phone. After I talked it over with friends and my sister, I decided to leave the situation alone. The conclusion: Someone who lacked this type of common sense is definitely not worth my time and energy.

By the way, he did continue to call, text and e-mail me the entire weekend. I was going to give him a final good bye face to face. However, I sent him both a text and an e-mail telling him that I knew my name was saved as Mike, he couldn’t be trusted, it’s best we go our separate ways. I’ve deleted all of his contact information and I believe he should do the same.

It’s just a little disturbing that someone pleads that they love an miss you but they have you saved in their contacts under an alias. Im extremely grateful that I did find this out so I wouldn’t have to be bothered with the unnecessary  drama from a guy.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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