I Promised To Never Say Never, Ever

My co-workers and I tend to have extremely interesting conversations. Whether it’s about family, friends, religion, politics and work itself, we always tend to formulate conversation to get us through the day. Most of the time these randomly produced subjects are R-rated. I don’t think we’ve ever had a subject that was PG-rated. Today was no different. To keep the blog PG, I’ll just say that the subject was about sexual encounters.

More specifically, the things we are willing and unwilling to do. Of course some are bold an confident to share experiences. Some say, they would try anything for the purpose of pleasing their partners. Others say only certain actions are meant to be experimented. When asked my opinion, I took the safe route. I say this is a sensitive subject meant to be shared with you and you’re partner.

The million dollar questions for some of these actions…. “Would you do it?” Of course I said NEVER to the majority. I even took the liberty of mentioning a rather popular question that I’ve been asked over and over. This question sparked the interest of everyone involved. I received a diverse selection of good and bad experiences. These experiences served as reasoning/justification for why people did what they did.

I’d say I’m a pretty open person. I’m willing to hear other’s opinions, views, stories and experiences.  I’d also say that I’m willing to try anything once. But I was thrown off by this conversation… Still in my mind. I’m thinking NEVER would I do some of these of the wall.

The more this one individual pleaded their case, the more I found comfort. Comfort in believing that somethings are meant to be experienced. Some things are meant to be experienced through others sharing their experiences. While I continue to tell myself that that I would more than likely not try some things for myself, the word NEVER is not an exact statement.

As for the actions i said NEVER to…. I’ll just live through other’s experiences.

~Am I N-My-Write-Mind?


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