Breaking Up With A Friend

You ever feel like a good friendship has run its course? You want to continue to be friends but you’ve both grown apart. There are plenty of  other things and people I could be spending my time on. I quickly became fed up with the one sided friendship. However, a part of me wants to continue to be friends just so I can avoid the awkwardness of breaking up with a friend.

Over and over, I rehearsed what to say and how to say it. That dreadful moment passed me by several times. I couldn’t break up with this friend. “Oh shoot this is so heavy on my heart. What should I do?” I asked myself. I wrote down the pros and cons of keeping the relationship versus ending it. Of course there were more cons then pros.

The cons: I was putting in way too much and not getting anything back if any. They became hard to read. My feelings and opinions seemed to not matter anymore. Energy was being wasted because neither of us wanted to admit the real deal. Yep. Pretty much a one sided relationship.

The pros: Just another person to call a friend

So then I had to ask myself, how do I break up with a person I once called a friend? Sending an e-mail or text would be extremely impersonal. I would have to chose the right time and place if we broke up in face to face… Oh how I would dread the reaction and the facial expressions.

I can’t see myself saying “I don’t think this is working out. I don’t want to be your friend anymore.” After deep thought, I couldn’t boil up the nerve to end it. The only logical way is to take it easy. The less phone calls, the less text messages, the less lunch lunch/dinner dates and the less information shared, the easier it is to let go. So the plan is to ease away slowly.

~Am I N-My-Write-Mind?


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