The smell of memories

There are so many types of smells that trigger memories. Whether its the scent of a sweet perfume, cologne or the smell of a particular room, most scents are distinct in how they effect others. Smell is one of the most influenced senses.

One of my favorite scents is the smell of my grandma’s house. I dont know how to describe it. However, I know when someone has been there. Im also able to tell if something came from her house. Im reminded of so many good times (family gatherings, when I lived there and my grandfather). Even when she’s done cooking or has something in the garage, her distinctive house smell is a soothing scent.

Another favorite scent is the smell of Jean Paul Gaultier. Yes, yes, I know. Those who know me, know that I go absolutely crazy when a man decides to wear this cologne. The smell of this musk, sandalwood and amber is so fullfilling.  I must give props to the chemists who discovered the right mix for this scent. It is nothing but a good deed for me nose.

As I’m reminded of certain events by a sensitive smell, scents trigger memories. Whether the scent is strawberry, coffee, wood or cologne, these scents tend to bring a comforting sense of memories.

-Am I N-Write-Mind?


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