Strawberry Shortcake

Usually, Sunday dinner is my dad’s responsibility. He always makes sure we have a pretty decent meal after church. Sunday dinner is pretty important as it’s the last meal of the week. It’s usually the dinner for everyone to recap what happened throughout the week and to prepare for the next week.

This past Sunday my dad handed the cooking responsibilities to me. I thought long and hard about the menu. While, I’m being conscious about my calorie intake, I also had to consider the taste buds of my family. The final menu was baked fish, mashed potatoes and brocoli. That seems pretty reasonable right? I thought so too.

I also found a happy medium. I made a somewhat healthy dinner with a pretty delicious dessert. That’s right. Strawberry shortcake. As I was making the cake, I didn’t expect it to anything different from any other shortcake. Without knowing it, It was a darn good dessert. I thought there would be enough to last for a treat after work. Nope not this time.

Just when we don’t put enough time or energy into something, that’s usually when we create something good. It’s when we think too hard or perform a hardcore analyziation when things don’t turn out right. My intention was to bake a simple, easy cake. Instead it turned into a what my brother called “scrumptdiliumptious”dessert.

Sometimes, no effort is the best effort.

~Am I N-My-Write-Mind?


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