Slacking for perfection/writer’s block

I’ve decided to open up about my journey in writing my book. I wanted to keep this within my close circle. However, I’ve had the urge to tell my somewhat struggle to get my project done. I could blame my lack of progress on some many things or people. In fact, writing this out helped me organize my thoughts in supporting my theory that my major road block is myself.

I actually started writing a little over a year and a half ago. Just when I come up with one idea, I come up with another idea. That one idea can change the entire chain of events of the book. Just when I think I have enough energy and ideas, my words make no sense. Instead of calling this writer’s block, it’s more like too many thoughts but not enough time or patience to boggle them into something that makes sense to others.

Once I’ve reached the dilemma of writer’s block, I tend to push the project aside. I’ve used this as a recoupment process. Walking away and taking a break may help rejuvenate ideas (at least, that’s what I’d like to think).

As I jot these ideas, thoughts, opinions and stories I’m overwhelmed with a sense of fear of the unknown. One of my most recent frustrations came from me wanting the project to be somewhat perfect. Although I want  others to grow fond of my work, I also want honest opinions of how my ideas are portrayed.

I’d like to think that support does not always mean agreement. Along with that, I also have to be mature enough to accept that my ideas are just that (my ideas). Just as I relay my ideas on paper, I am liable to have others who agree, disagree or are neutral. I accept all three perspectives as this is my fuel, motivation and support to become a better writer.

Perfecting my writing is an internal concept. No person, place or thing is perfect. The goal is to strive toward perfection. So as my journey to complete my book (my project), I will continually accept that perfection is a mere form of motivation and my writer’s block is only temporary.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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