Driving while suspended

Allow me to vent about the some of the malicious ways we are punished for events that are not our fault.

Most of you guys know that I recently purchased a vehicle. This was on a Saturday. On my way to work on that following Monday, a man ran a red light an hit me. He hit my brand new car…. Yeah, accidents happen all the time. The kicker….he had no insurance. So now the financially responsibility was on me to pay the desuctable to get my new car fixed.

Of course I had insurance as I was required to have it before I drove off the lot. My lease also required me to have a certain liability amount. Needless to say, the man admitted fault to my insurance, I paid my $250 deductable and my car was fixed.

That’s it right?…. Nope. There just had to be another aspect. I received a letter from the BMV stating my license was suspended for failure to show proof of insurance after the accident. Uh, i was a tad bit confused.

I was the one with insurance. I wouldn’t have been able to get my car fixed without it.

I had to call my insurance and have them electronically send proof. Then I had to call the BMV. The BMV then said their system updates every night at 6. Once that is updated, it can take 24-72 hours for the suspension to be removed…. Are you kidding me?

While I sit around waiting for systems to be updated, I will also continue to go on about life. I strongly believe I have done my civil duty by paying for auto insurance every month. This has not and will not stop me and my plans…..

However, I will be praying, hoping and wishing I do not get pulled over by a police officer. Until then, slow cautious driving is my goal.

-Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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