Discretion Within Friendship

Yes, it’s pretty cheesy/cliche’ to include the definition of my subject. However, the definition of friendship helps me get my point across. So here it is….. The definition of friend is a “person known well to another and regarded with liking, affection, and loyalty; a patron or supporter.”  I would  agree 100% with this definition if it included discretion.

There are two sides to discretion. First, this does not mean that a friend tells others of your business. As a friend, I will go to someone in confidence for support, advice or maybe just to get a thought off my chest. The need to go to a friend in confidence automatically enrolls that friend in a discretion contract. When and if I decide to to have a talk with a friend, I trust that my friend will keep that conversation between us. Conversations with friends can be/and are sometimes limited.

The second side of discretion does not mean that one is obligated to tell your friends all of your business. Every individual has a right to pick and choose what they want to confide in someone about. In fact, I am very choosy in what advise and opinions I seek from other and who I choose them from. I also tend to leave out certain events, issues and thoughts. This could be for various reasons.

Truth is, people can sometimes get in the way of what’s right. Others can also negatively affect thought processes. If we go to various people seeking advise we get wrapped up in everyone else’s opinions. We loose track of our own perspectives.

Just because I may be discrete in what I say, I expect my friends to be discrete in regards of what I do say.  What I don’t want is my friends to think it’s because I’m being secretive. By not telling all of my business I’m avoiding drama, confusion and sometimes judgement. Although, I am pretty open and free with most of my opinions, I am choosey in sharing information. Call me stingy but some events, issues and thoughts are predominately exclusive to me, myself and I.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?



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